How do we choose the best toast box?

11月 22, 2023 2 min read

How do we choose the best toast box?


Whether you are new to baking or a seasoned baking expert, choosing a good mold is always a test.

As one of the essential tools for making toast bread, the choice of toast box is particularly important.

CHEFMADE’s corrugated toast box is perfect for baking



how do we choose the best toast box?

  1. With or without cover

Toast molds with lids are used to make square toasts. The lidless mold can be used to make mountain bun-shaped toast. The top of the bread will naturally bulge during the baking process, taking on the shape of a long mountain bun. It is recommended to choose the CHEFMADE toast box with a lid, so that you can make both types of toast~

  1. Differences between flat and corrugated designs

It is recommended that you choose a corrugated design toast box: firstly, it is easier to demould; secondly, from the perspective of heating, the corrugated shape is better; thirdly, it can increase the texture of the bread~

CHEFMADE toast box adopts corrugated design, allowing you to bake amazingly delicious toast.

  1. Selection of metal materials and surface non-stick coatings

CHEFMADE toast box is made of 0.5mm carbon steel and food-grade coating. The toast box has excellent heat conductivity, wear resistance and service life. It is easier to clean and easier to remove from the mold.

Toast mold size and brand


Toast mold size and brand selection

The size of the toast box is generally chosen based on personal needs and the size of the oven. CHEFMADE's 450g corrugated toast box is the most popular choice because it is not easy to bake bread at once, so it is more cost-effective to make more at one time. Toast bread Saving is also easier.

As for the brand, CHEFMADE is our first choice. It is a baking brand with excellent reputation at home and abroad. It has won market share with its excellent quality and has been recognized by consumers. Its sales network covers many countries around the world. The combination of fashionable design and high-quality products has created a solid foundation for Consumers create a new kitchen image.There’s also a 10% discount on Thanksgiving Day, come and take a look!baking